Immediate dentures are a type of denture placed directly after the extraction of your teeth. They prevent you from going any amount of time without teeth. Immediate dentures are often recommended when complete extraction of your teeth is the best solution for your oral health.

Our dentists will begin preparing your immediate dentures prior to extracting your teeth. First, we will take impressions of your existing teeth and gums in order to create an accurate model for your appliance. We then create your dentures and place them as soon as your teeth have been removed from your mouth so that you can continue to enjoy a natural-looking smile and maintain your ability to chew and speak normally.

In the majority of cases, it is not possible to check the fit of your denture prior to extracting your teeth. Our dentists may need to make adjustments to your appliance or compromise some of its aesthetic aspects in order to compensate for insufficient space in your mouth or structural concerns. As your mouth heals following the tooth extraction procedure, you may find that the fit of your dentures changes and that they require further adjustment.

We strongly encourage you to follow all post-operative instructions following your extraction and that you schedule and keep regular checkups and maintenance appointments. This will allow our dentists to continue to monitor your healing process and the fit and function of your dentures.

For more information about immediate dentures and to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists, please contact our office today.